RC Remote Control Walking Talking Robot with Sound, Lights and Music, PL9029

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Come, meet your cool new robot friend, Superman No. 1, and be the master of all you survey. This innovative, futuristic remote control fighting robot toy will have all the family involved dodging the fast foam missiles he shoots.

One of our most well-loved kids toys, Superman No.1 is fabulous and fun for boys and girls over 4 years old. The perfect size whether you’re age 4 years old or 7 years old and so easy to control. With no programming required, this talking robot is ready to go right out of the box (just add batteries). Switch your RC robot toy on and he will tell you exactly what he can do with a personal demo. “You are my little master now. I await instructions” he says.

Simple to operate via its infrared remote control, this cool kids toy robot is amazing fun for all the family, cats and dogs included! He can walk and glide forwards and backwards, turn left/right, turn his head left/right, dance and fire missiles. His eyes, shoulders and breast plate have multicoloured LED flashing lights and he plays his own groovy music!

Watch your kids eyes light up with delight as Superman No.1 RC Robot takes on the world

Walks Take your Superman No. 1 remote control robot on a walk with you … but don’t go too fast or he’ll complain “Wait … I can’t catch you!”

Dances There is no stopping your child from having hours of non stop fun with Superman No.1 and his built in disco!

Shoots Move him into position and fire! “Little master, ready … shoot!” he says. 10 soft foam discs included.

Talks Superman No. 1 RC Robot says “I have strong powers”, “Let’s go for a walk together”, “Little master, let’s dance together” and more …

Amaze your friends and delight your children with is great RC Robot. Buy him now and terminate boredom forever!

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