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3 Channel Gyro Rescue RC Helicopter with Winch, Carry Basket & Lights, Age 14+, PL342

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  • PERFECT HELICOPTER FOR BEGINNERS & PROS – Playtech Logic PL342 (aka V388) Hornet full function 3.5 channel gyro helicopter with simple controls and demo mode is perfect for beginners, whilst the multi-speed functions and precise winch loading aspect challenge the more experienced pilot. Hike up the difficulty level with more complex winch loading tasks
  • READY TO RUN WITH 3 CHANNELS FOR HEAD TO HEAD RACING FUN this steady, durable mini rc helicopter has increased distance/range from previous models and is easily controlled from up to 10 feet (3m) away. It comes with 3 selectable control channels for head-to-head racing fun for kids. The built in rechargeable battery gives 7-9 minutes flight time and can be charged via its USB cable or through the transmitter. Recharge your gyro helicopter anywhere!
  • STABLE INDOOR & OUTDOOR RC HELICOPTER - the PL342 (aka V388) Hornet RC helicopter is light and small enough to be flown indoors while leaving your furniture intact! Meanwhile the surprisingly powerful motor and gyro enable this great mini RC helicopter to cope with a slight breeze outdoors - even with a full winch.
  • WINCH LOADING & SEARCH LIGHT – more than just the usual fast, agile and aerobatic indoor RC helicopter, the PL342 (aka V388) Hornet’s winch loading function gives both beginner and experienced pilots hours of entertainment shipping all-sorts of cargo around. Too lazy to get your mobile phone from the other side of the room? This could be a tricky one, but doable if the phone is small enough to fit! The helicopter winch is capable of a surprisingly heavy load.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT for boys and girls (great for bigger boys like Dad too!), the PL342 Hornet indoor remote control helicopter is a great all year round remote control toy with a crash proof alloy frame. Measuring in at 22cm long it’s larger than many similar mini RC helicopters with the great extra feature of its own winch loader. Everything you need is included. Just charge and go! (WINCH COLOUR: RED/YELLOW – COLOUR SUPPLIED MAY VARY.)

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