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100 Pieces Glow Sticks, 20cm glowing wrist bands with connectors party pack

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SAFE FOR KIDS: 8 inch glow sticks straws with neon fluorescence liquid which is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-radioactive

SIMPLE USE: Simply bend to activate the lightstick and shake well to achieve a full glow effect

UNLIMITED FUN: Add fun to parties, dances, nightclubs, raves, fireworks, Christmas, Trick or Treat

MULTITUDE USES: Great for camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking or diving, long exposure photography, glowstringing, lightshow performances
CONTENTS: 100 x Glow Sticks and 100 x Two-Way Connectors

100 x Multicoloured glowsticks straws, waterproof and disposable glowing fluoroscent tubes also known as glowsticks, glow sticks, light sticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, snap lights, party sticks, glow fishing lures.



Hit or bend the lightstick to break the tube inside, then shake well for full glow effect.
To activate your glowstick, you simply need to apply gentle pressure to the centre of the glowstick in a similar motion as if you were to break a pencil in half. This will then break the inner vial and allow the chemicals to mix creating a glowing effect. Simply give it a shake to complete and enjoy your glowstick for a minimum of 8 hours!


Choking hazard - small parts,
Not suitable for children under 3 years.


100 pieces glowsticks
100 pieces connectors

NOTE: Do not overbend so as to not puncture the outside plastic shell, which would result in the leakage of the liquid from within.

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