About Us

How did Playtech Logic Get Started?

In 2003 I had an average admin job. Nothing special, but I liked it. I liked the people I worked with and I liked my boss (strange, but true. Honestly!) ❤️ Everything was great until one day on the drive to work I had a head on collision with Ford Transit 😧 The impact broke my back (for the third time) 🚑 That was the end of my job. I was only 26 and faced with a choice: do something or lose my home. I didn’t know much about business, but I had to learn … and quick! 💨 

And so was born a toy obsession ... why toys?

Ok, so why did we start Playtech Logic? Basically … if you want the truth … because I’m a BIG kid and I love little kids ❤️ I still play games. I looooove Hide & Seek and still have time for Super Mario on Wii (I need to update that, I know!). But sometimes Hide & Seek just isn’t possible, especially when you’re almost 6 ft tall – there’s not that many places to hide me – and Wii is only for indoors. Sometimes I just wanna get outside and PLAY! These RC toys are just what the doctor ordered when inside is just too “B-O-R-I-N-G” or outside is a wet mess!

I think my childhoodishness (is that a word?) stems from the fact that I’ve always wanted kids but never been fortunate enough to have my own 👣 I think I just decided not to grow up. I sometimes steal my friends children for the day, night or weekend and make out I want to give them a break, but really I just want an excuse to play. Sometimes you can have more fun with a 6 year old. 

Jokes aside, we all love kids here 👼 Ophelia even more than me. Happy kids are great, but we really can’t handle it when they cry. So we do our very, very, very best to make good stuff.

When I remarried in 2013 my husband, Errol, aka Superman joined in (if you ask nicely I might tell you why I call him that). Last year my niece, Ophelia, became part of the team. Eve’s been with us from the beginning. And my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and parents have always been there behind the scenes to help out if needed. It’s a real family affair! Oh 😮 I forgot Coco Chanel 🐶 our miniature Yorkie who just loves to be on our lap or by our feet in the office.

However, we believe that YOU are the most important ingredient in our business and in the success of Playtech Logic 😍 So we celebrate you! Thanks for coming on this journey with us. We’re excited to have you along for the ride and hope we can bring you plenty of smiles along the way!

Natasha, Errol, Eve & Ophelia xx 


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